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2 年前
回复了 小S 创建的主题 » “妄议中央”英文版

If allowed, I'd love to offer my two cents' worth here.

I can't find the definition of 妄议 in Chinese dictionaries. I figure it's equivalent, give or take a few nuts or bolts, to 妄言, or 妄语, which means 胡说八道. If I don't get it all wrong, you're now supposed to be aware of what's left unsaid.

2 年前
回复了 项目部 创建的主题 » 关于【素质】这个词的翻译,有话说

If a man is ever diligent, upright, honest, selfless, and moral, he isn't a human being by any means but a holier-than-thou creeping Jesus.

The one considered 有素质 is, in my worm's-eye view, supposed to conduct oneself in accordance with the well-accepted norms of the civilized society he's living in.